The Philosophy of Global Warming

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The Philosophy of Global Warming

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

The Superiority of the Human Species

We live at a stage of the unfoldment of our Solar System in which it is fashionable to believe that the human species is not superior to the other life-forms of the Earth. In accordance with this fashion, I am sure that you will have heard people assert things such as "we are just one species among many", or, "there is nothing superior about the human species; every species of life on the Earth is unique or special in its own way", or, "the human species is a destroyer; so, if the human species were to go extinct then this would be a good thing for non-human life on the Earth".

This view is currently fashionable because we live at a time in which the human species is gradually coming face-to-face with the realisation of the magnitude of the changes that it has made to the Earth. This gradual realisation is a stage of unfoldment of our Solar System in which 'the human' is in a state of separation, of anguish, of isolation, of desperation. The purpose of the human species, our role as the precious saviour of life in our Solar System, has yet to be revealed, so we are left in the aimless wilderness of believing that there is no purpose, believing that we are just 'one species among many'.

Not only this, but we are currently abusing and murdering our fellow life-forms on an industrial scale, through such activities as vivisection, caging and factory farming. If we tell ourselves that 'we are just one species among many' how can we possibly simultaneously justify our actions in initiating such abuse and murder of those who are our equals? This is the paradoxically contradictory human situation in our current stage of Solar Systic unfoldment; this is the source of human anguish and desperation. We try and ignore the abuse and murder, we want it to be below the surface, we don't want to encounter it face-to-face; yet, it is tacitly accepted and simmers away below the surface where it eats away at our inner being.

Yet, this stage of Solar Systic unfoldment is an essential stage of Solar Systic unfoldment. It is not a pleasant time to be born a human; however, the age of the mass domination of non-human life by the human species is an age of euphoria for life. Life is in a blissful state when it has reached the exceptional modification ability that is represented by the form that is 'the human'. In reality, the human species is superior to every other life-form that exists on the Earth, and that has ever existed on the Earth; the 'human species' is the zenith of the evolutionary progression of life on Earth. The human species is the most precious and valuable life-form that will ever exist in our Solar System. Don't let any supposedly knowledgeable scientist tell you any different, because if they do, then they don't have a clue! Why this is so cannot be widely appreciated at our current stage of Solar Systic unfoldment. For, the achievement of our cosmic purpose necessitates that this is so. The widespread realisation of cosmic purpose arises in the age of the Spiritual Explosion which follows our current epoch - the age of the Technological Explosion.


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