The Philosophy of Global Warming

If you are interested in the relationship between the human species and the rest of life on Earth, individual and collective human purpose, evolution, cosmology, the nature of reality, astrology, spirituality, and how all of this relates to global warming & the environmental crisis of modernity, then I am sure that you will like my new book 'The Philosophy of Global Warming'. In the post below I have provided the book description, the list of contents and the first two sections of the book. You can find out how to get hold of the book by clicking on this link:

The Philosophy of Global Warming

Monday, 31 March 2014

My New Book

In recent weeks I have been very busy putting the finishing touches on a new book which is called 'The Philosophy of Global Warming'. I have now finished the book and am happy to let you know that it will be published on the 2 April 2014. I am very excited about this book and will put some excerpts from it onto this blog in the near future. For now I will just share with you the book description:



This is my most comprehensive and definitive work. In it you will learn:


What the philosophy of global warming is and why it is of great importance.

Why the decision-making process concerning the appropriate human response to global warming requires a consideration of the evolutionary forces which propel the planet.

Why cutting fossil fuel emissions is a futile exercise.

What the human species is and how it relates to the non-human life-forms of the Earth.

Why the human species has a special place in the universe and how this is related to global warming.

What it means to say that your life has a purpose.

Why the evolution of technology and the evolution of spirituality are deeply interconnected.

Why there is an urgent need for the technological regulation of the temperature of the Earth's atmosphere.


The book has 3 parts. Part 1 contains 12 chapters each of which contains a particular theme which is of relevance to the philosophy of global warming. Taken as a whole this part of the book can be thought of as providing a detailed overview of my philosophical worldview. Part 2 is a lengthy dialogue in which I respond to an Objector who poses 86 questions, queries and objections relating to my philosophical worldview. Part 3 contains 37 articles which expand on particular topics relating to the philosophy of global warming. I hope that by the end of the book you will have a clear understanding concerning your, and our, place in the universe and how this relates to global warming.