The Philosophy of Global Warming

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The Philosophy of Global Warming

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Conceptual Framing of Geoengineering

In my last post I considered the most recent wave of realisation concerning the need for geoengineering. Two weeks after this post was published an article appeared in the New Scientist which outlines the specific types of geoengineering that will be required; the article also specifies the locations on the planet where each of these types can be implemented. Here is a taste of the article:

"THIS is how we will hold off disaster. To help us avoid dangerous climate change, we will need to create the largest industry in history: to suck greenhouse gases out of the air on a giant scale. For the first time, we can sketch out this future industry – known as geoengineering – and identify where it would operate.

The bottom line is that CO2-suckers are essential, but we also need to ditch fossil fuels quickly. It's that or climate havoc."

Terraforming Earth: Geoengineering megaplan starts now
09 October 2013 by Michael Marshall

I am glad to see that concrete plans are being made concerning how the technological regulation of the atmospheric temperature will be achieved. What we really need to see, in tandem with this, is a growing realisation that not only is this is an inevitable outcome, but that it is also a positive outcome.

The current widespread conceptual framing of geoengineering as a 'weapon of last resort' leads to inevitable resistance to the phenomenon. There even seem to be a great many people who are so opposed to geoengineering that they would rather see a massive jump in the atmospheric temperature of the Earth which instantaneously wipes out a plethora of human and non-human life forms, than they would see geoengineering deployed to stabilise the atmospheric temperature for the benefit of all these life-forms.

Such a view is irrational and potentially harmful, and its existence is one reason why I believe that it is helpful to move to a different conceptual framing of the phenomenon. We can adopt a philosophical worldview which entails that the life that has arisen on the Earth is currently giving birth to the technological armour - via the human species - that will protect it for the foreseeable future.

It is this philosophical worldview that I have been outlining in my blog posts and in my books.


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