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The Philosophy of Global Warming

Friday, 27 July 2012

The Growing Realisation of the Need for Geoengineering the GMST

In a recent post: The Need for a New View of Humans in the Cosmos I cited evidence of the growing realisation that we need to geoengineer the temperature of the atmosphere; merely reducing emissions not being an option that is capable of stabilising the temperature of the atmosphere.

In my overall philosophy this growing realisation has a special place in the cultural trajectory of human civilisation, it is the stimulus which causes the human species to fulfil the purpose for which it came into existence. It is this realisation which causes the human species to start actively regulating the level of the GMST, as the ability of non-human life to homeostatically regulate the GMST continues to weaken.

As I outlined in this recent post, we are currently living through a time in which the realisation of the need for such geonegineering is growing, but the outcome itself is seen as an undesirable 'last resort'. In the future the outcome will be widely seen not as an undesirable 'last resort' but as an inevitable requirement for the continued flourishing and existence of life on Earth.

I would like to briefly present yet more evidence of the growing realisation of the need for active human regulation of the temperature of the atmosphere (the GMST).

Klaus Lackner and his colleagues at the Lenfest Center (part of the Earth Institute) in a paper published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - "Urgency of development of CO2 capture from ambient air" - claim that there is a vital need for pulling CO2 out of the atmosphere in order to regulate the GMST. They claim that such carbon capture and storage is the only solution to the situation we face. Lackner and colleagues claim:

"In a way, it's too late to argue that we shouldn't consider [such] solutions. The concern that this kind of technology would give us an excuse not to do anything [to reduce carbon emissions] is wrong, because we're too late for that... We have to push very hard right now, and we have to have every means at our disposal to solve this problem."

I obviously agree that "we're too late for that". The mechanisms underpinning the trajectory of cultural evolution ensure that by the time humans realise "what they have done" that the only option, the only solution, is technological regulation of the GMST. If these mechanisms were different, and technological regulation was avoided, then life on Earth would be doomed. Life on Earth needs technological regulation of the GMST, this is why the biological-cultural trajectory of life ensures that "we're too late for that". This is how life gets what it needs in order to continue surviving.


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