The Philosophy of Global Warming

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The Philosophy of Global Warming

Thursday, 8 March 2012

The GreenSpirit Journal Comments on ITHSS

I thought I would share with you some comments which were made concerning my first book:

in a recent edition of the GreenSpirit Journal (2011, 13:3). The book was mentioned in an article entitled "A New Fire, a New Mind" which was written by June Raymond. Here is what she had to say:

"Another thing that left me thinking was a book I read recently which asks some very challenging questions about what we as a species are doing here on this planet. It deals with some very deep and radical questions about our role in creation and in the future of the Earth. The proposal that the author makes is that we were put here so that when the Earth becomes too hot, because of the sun's heating up, we will be able to save our planet through our technology; for example we might be able to create satellites with mirrors which could reflect the sun's heat away...And so to return to the question, 'Does the human species have a purpose? and if so what is it? Is it to rescue life on planet Earth and if so how? The conclusion, that Earth created us to rescue it when the sun becomes too hot, and the present global warming is going to help us get our act together in preparation for this, is in terms of the best modern scientific thinking, not unreasonable."

I consider the view that I outline in ITHSS - that the environmental crisis and human-induced global warming are positive events in the evolving cosmos - to be quite radical. These events are almost always, well ALWAYS (apart from me!), portrayed as negative events. So, I am happy that I have seemingly been able to present the view in a way that makes it seem "not unreasonable" and compatible with "modern scientific thinking". That was my actually my primary objective in writing ITHSS - to make the view seem at least plausible ("not unreasonable") to people. The next stage is to persuade people who are already open to the remote plausibility of the view, that the view is actually the most plausible view.

By the way, if you haven't read ITHSS yet, an ebook/kindle version has just become available on amazon. I am also told that within a week or so people will be able to 'search inside' the book on amazon for free.


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