The Philosophy of Global Warming

If you are interested in the relationship between the human species and the rest of life on Earth, individual and collective human purpose, evolution, cosmology, the nature of reality, astrology, spirituality, and how all of this relates to global warming & the environmental crisis of modernity, then I am sure that you will like my new book 'The Philosophy of Global Warming'. In the post below I have provided the book description, the list of contents and the first two sections of the book. You can find out how to get hold of the book by clicking on this link:

The Philosophy of Global Warming

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A brief summary of the journey

I have just filled out my profile form on the MAHB website (Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere) and I thought I would put what I wrote there here:

"Over the past decade my academic journey has taken me from the discipline of environmental studies which is largely grounded in science & politics (BSc), to environmental philosophy which is largely grounded in ethics (MA), and finally to philosophy (PhD) where I considered the largely unquestioned metaphysical assumptions which underpin the question of how humans can achieve a sustainable and equitable future. Whilst there are many diverse aspects to the achievement of such a future, my main conclusion is that a central aspect of such a future is that humans need to actively regulate the temperature of the Earth's atmosphere. I am seeking to explain why I believe this to be so through both my blog and my books."


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