The Philosophy of Global Warming

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The Philosophy of Global Warming

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Two Routes to the Need for Geoengineering

My belief that the evolution of the 'human' was 'inevitable' is intimately connected to my belief that humans need to geoengineer the temperature of the Earth's atmosphere. However, there are two different routes which one can travel which transport one to this destination. Today I would like to briefly introduce you to these two routes.

The first route is embedded within a particular view of the universe as a whole. One can believe that the entire universe is a purposefully evolving and unfolding entity and that geoengineering is a part of this unfolding. According to this view the universe seeks to evolve life wherever possible and life then sets out on its own journey towards complexification, maintaining itself, technology, geoengineering and ultimately spreading out from its host planet to other parts of the universe. This view entails that the evolution of the 'human' was 'inevitable'. For an initial insight into the view that the universe is a purposefully evolving whole you could take a look at my paper on Friedrich Holderlin and the Environmental Crisis:

The second route is free of any philosophical baggage concerning views of the universe as a whole. This route is based solely on environmental science. The perturbations that humans have been made to the systems of the Earth, but which have not yet become manifest (the elastic band has become nearly fully stretched but has not yet been released) necessitate the need for geoengineering; if this doesn't occur all complex life on Earth will die when the effects become manifest in the near future (before the year 3000). The current limits of human understanding concerning the way that the systems of the Earth operate mean that other interpretations are possible; one could believe that we have until after the year 3000 to geoengineer the temperature of the Earth's atmosphere, or that the systems are so robust that there is no need. My interpretation is that there is a need for geoengineering before the year 3000.

I will be further considering both of these routes. I should stress that the second route is a part of the first route; in other words, the human realisation that they have perturbed the systems of the Earth to such an extent that the only option is to geoengineer the temperature of the Earth's atmosphere is a stage in the evolution of the universe as a whole. Clearly, the second route can also be self-standing.

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