The Philosophy of Global Warming

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The Philosophy of Global Warming

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Nature of the Universe

In order to fully appreciate why there is a need for geoengineering, and why the purpose of the human species is to fulfil such a need, one needs to think about the nature of the universe and the place of life within the universe.

Let me say a few words about the postings that are appearing in this blog. I have what might usefully be referred to as a 'complete picture' of the place of humans in the cosmos and the relationship between humans and the cosmos. This 'complete picture' can be thought of as a reasonably large jigsaw with lots of different pieces. It is impossible for me to instantaneously gift you with the 'complete picture'; all I can attempt to do is present you with one piece of the jigsaw at a time. Each posting is an individual piece. It is unlikely that on encountering a single piece of a jigsaw that you will assert: "I can see the complete image/picture". My hope is that when enough of the pieces are in place that you will be able to see the wonder that is the 'complete picture'.

So, what is the nature of the universe? You might believe that humans are simply not able to answer this question. Indeed, it would seemingly be foolish to claim that one knows with one hundred percent certainty what the nature of the universe is. Nevertheless, humans clearly have perceptual access to part of the universe, and are able to observe certain movements within the universe. On the basis of such observations it is reasonable to draw some conclusions concerning the likely nature of the universe.

One of the main conclusions which one can draw is that the universe is 'purposeful'. There is much to be said about why this is so, why you can see that this is so for yourself, and what this means when fully elucidated. These are all pieces of the jigsaw! To say that the universe is 'purposeful' is to say that the universe has a particular aim/objective/goal (our consideration of the phenomena of mind, consciousness, awareness and thought is a long way off, but to avoid confusion it is worth noting that to say that the universe is 'purposeful' is not to say that it is minded, or conscious, or aware, or thinking). To say that the universe is 'purposeful', that it has a particular aim/objective/goal, is simply to agree with Aristotle that:

"There is something divine, good, and desirable… [that matter] desire[s] and yearn[s] for"

What is the nature of the universe? The universe is an entity which desires and yearns for something "divine, good, and desirable. It is this desiring/yearning which underpins the evolution of the universe (in both what we call the 'living' and the 'non-living' parts of the universe). The purpose of the universe is to attain a 'good and desirable state', to attain that which is 'yearned for'.

I will be presenting a view of humans in the cosmos in which both 'life', and that part of life that is 'humans', are states of the universe that were yearned for because they are parts of the universe that are divine, good and desirable.

By the way, the above consideration of the nature of the universe contains some excerpts from my forthcoming book:


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